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acho meio q maravilhosa a reação visceral q esse joguinho causa em muita gente nesse website e fora dele. talvez a autora faça alguns comentários q uma galerinha precise ouvir pra deixar de ser tão trouxa, por mais bobos q alguns deles possam ser.

talvez eu já esteja meio offline demais pra ir muito com a cara do humor desse manifestozinho, e eu n engaje muito com todo o conceito de "feminilidade" da autora. já tinha escrito sobre isso por aqui antes e tals. mas esse joguinho ainda traz questionamentos ainda estranhamente pouco populares pra maioria das pessoas q engajam com videogames de uma maneira ou de outra.

talvez a indústria seja um tanto q machista sim. talvez videogames possam ser mais ousados e n terem apenas violência como sua principal forma de interação com o mundo. talvez muita gente trate videogames como nada além de simples produtos comerciais pra serem consumidos e descartados logo em seguida.

n me entenda mal, talvez alguns jogos sejam apenas isso mesmo. mas honestamente, me deixa até um tanto q triste o tanto de gente q trata todo videogame como a porra do Microsoft Office ou do IntelliJ IDEA. um simples software desenvolvido com o único objetivo de ativar os receptores de dopamina do seu cérebro. e vejo muita gente tratando esse joguinho de twine aqui da mesma forma, algo q é claramente um projeto bem pessoal de alguém q só tem opiniões bem fortes sobre a mídia. opiniões inofensivas apresentadas de um jeito meio bobo e desengonçado, mas ainda meio q um tanto q radicais? pelo menos radicais pra uma galerinha por aí.

enfim, acho meio paia qualquer pessoa q reaja a Video Game Feminization Hypnosis só com raiva e desdém. acho meio tosco. meio cringe, até.

até pq n é lá muito difícil entender de onde essa raiva realmente vem tbm.

Halo: Combat Evolved is a fun but flawed game that unfortunately shows its age in quite a few ways. This game shines brightest when it shows off its unique and incredible locations, each with their own incredible atmospheres, and ties it all together with its very interesting story. Unfortunately however this game is not always at its best. A good portion of the game is spent navigating tight corridors, often seeing the same rooms copy and pasted over and over again, and fighting the same bunch of enemies. Master chief is fun to control in combat, however a few controls feel a bit outdated or awkward, such as the vehicle controls and lack of a zoom button while shooting. This game also suffers from not really having a proper waypoint system. Despite all of the levels being pretty linear it's still very easy to get lost due to the often confusing and repetitive map design. Overall Halo's biggest problem is its repetitiveness. Whether it be enemies, weapons, or maps, after a certain point you'll start to feel like you're just doing the same thing over and over again. The story is definitely still interesting however and though repetitive it is fun. Despite its rough patches I'm very glad I completed this game and would still recommend checking it out.

Finally got around to playing this. For some reason I played Portal 2 when it came out and just never got around to Portal Sr. Having prior knowledge of how to do the puzzles because of this made Portal 1 quite the breeze to get through and that’s really the only issue that I think it has.

It relies a lot more on environmental storytelling rather than any actual plot progression. It exists more just to set up the small world and act as a bit of a demo slice for its fun portally puzzle physics. The turrets are very silly and GLaDOS carries a lot of the runtime with sarcastic humor that kind of distracts you from how ominous the circumstances surrounding your character actually are.

It’s the kind of puzzle mechanics that itch your brain like giving scritches to your pet cat. Made me feel like I was both overthinking and also not thinking hard enough at the same time in some areas. There was one where I couldn’t figure it out immediately so I tried to loop myself between portals infinitely for fun, just to find out that that was the solution all along. So even while the rooms feel like you’re locked between padded walls, it really gives you just enough to play around with until you’re able to solve the problems. If anything I wished it was a bit longer or that the advanced puzzles were different levels. They’re really just the same maps just with harder obstacles like poop floors and more turrets.

Portal is Portal and Portal is very fun. I would say that Portal 2 is the better game, but that’s mainly because it’s just larger in scale, has co-op, and extends the universe created here. You have to start somewhere though and Portal 1 is the perfect sprout to a beautiful gigantic beanstalk.

someone at remedy thought that the scariest thing in the world was having inanimate objects of various shapes and sizes thrown at you and yknow what more power to 'em

pretty solid little Metroidvania, the gameplay that takes cues from Order of Eclessia works well, gorgeous pixel-art graphics and good enough soundtrack, great exploration that feels rewarding and fun boss encounters, everything that an good Metroidvania needs is right here and fans of the genre will feel right at home.

it's a bit too short though, having played other Metroidvania games I finished this in 4 hours with most of the endings done without breaking much of an sweat, the story was decent enough but difficult to follow, lots of time travelling nothingburgers.

nonetheless an solid game, I am excited for the sequel now, hopefully it comes out this year.

Okay, we are doing fine... oh that's a nice plot... hey it's getting very good... why am i crying...? Ryukishi you really did it huh... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???

As you can see i had almost every kind of emotion a human being can feel and i am at the episode 3. I was humiliated, i will destroy you Ryukishi, i will win this game!


What did I even want out of Dragons Dogma 2? I began this game with a severe sense of disappointment, frustrated that it wasnt something “more”. But Im glad the game has a much greater sense of itself than I did, unwaveringly retaining its unorthodox core with a much more grand presentation. When I get over myself, I see theres just as much here to love as the first game - I would be ungrateful to not appreciate its weird and rare nature.

However it must be said that I hate these characters and their side quests and Im glad half of them are sitting in the NPC Lost And Found (the morgue). I would have liked a slightly less vast open world full of nothing but caves and aged beast skags, but I had the most fun carrying pots down ancient cliff faces than I did trying to council Hugo on how to live his life after being a bandit patsy (with that council being "Ill throw you off the cliff myself")

My enjoyment of playing games with friends slightly outweighs my dislike of zombies so I guess that's a win.