By no means a critic. Ratings are based more on the experience than flaw or merit counts.

I like challenge, I like openness, I like exploration, I like creativity. But really that’s all arbitrary, so long as it isn’t overly handholdy, aggressively monetized or straight up broken, there’s a chance for me to like anything.

I’ll log dlc expansions if they’re substantial enough, but I won’t rate them.
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Like a mix between a souls-like and a PS2 era Spongebob game. It thoroughly commits to its creative theme and has a zany personality like something from that era. I really like the shell mechanic and the amount of variety it brings, and the game is full of creative bosses and enemies. As far as complaints go, it can feel a bit cheap at times. I wouldn’t call it a super hard game on average, but it does like to put you up against large numbers of enemies in very cramped, precarious spaces with little room to dodge, while the camera keeps getting stuck on shit and it’s very easy to fall off, the area leading up to New Carcina I found particularly bad for this. Fair warning too if you’re playing on the Switch: Play it in docked. The performance is shaky but manageable in docked, but in handheld it takes a dramatic nosedive with the frame-rate dropping into the teens at points. Also, in the accessibility options you can equip yourself with a .45 handgun that one shots everything in the game, I used it only once, on the final boss, purely because it was running at like 15 frames a second and I was getting frustrated.

Annoyances aside, it’s very imaginative, varied and fun and I think most will find something to like in it.

Where’s the petition for shooters to go back to ripping off Halo campaigns instead of CoD campaigns?

Having played Halo 3 first, I’m really impressed with how much of what I liked about that game was here right from the start in Combat Evolved. The fluid control, the smart AI, the physics, the diversity of locales, the score, the atmosphere and I really took notice to the balancing in this one, how some weapons are godly at taking out certain enemy types, but useless against others, and how I was forced to pick and choose and think a lot more here than in Halo 3. It has some rough edges, I found a couple levels a bit confusing and repetitive to navigate, the Library level most notably. For the most part though, it’s a remarkably confident and well polished game for one that came from nothing, and honestly I think it still holds up better than an overwhelming majority of shooters today.

My first experience with a Dynasty Warriors-like. And it’s okay I guess. Plowing through hundreds of enemies at once is satisfying at first, but the gameplay loop is very one-noted relative to how long the game is and I was beginning to get sick of it towards the latter hours of the game. I do love the BOTW cast though, getting to see more of their personalities is great, even if this story ultimately feels like little more than fan fiction.