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Confusing UI and lackluster gameplay... not much to recommend here unless you are super into Disney

This game has a lot going against it... It's a remake of a game that wasn't even a decade old when it was released.
It doesn't have the multiplayer mode of the original and doesn't have any significant gameplay improvements or changes and yet still costs like a brand-new triple-A game.
and in my opinion, was falsely advertised as a "ground-up remake" when the only thing "ground up" about it is the 3d assets and facial animations.
So yeah there is a lot going against it, BUT all of the stuff I just mentioned has nothing to do with the game itself, but rather with its marketing and price.
So, what about the game itself? Well... it's pretty much the definitive way to experience The Last of Us. While I still think the original game holds up decently even today, there is really no reason to go back to the original even if you own the new one. Even if the changes aren't major, they are felt, and while I very much think this game isn't worth 70$ even if you didn't play the original (let alone if you did), I'd still say it is definitely the best way to experience The Last of Us, and since The Last of Us is pretty amazing... that kind of makes this game amazing... So I'm kind of conflicted about this review.

I've seen a lot of positive feedback on this game from the One Piece fandom, and this is probably one of the more "mainstream" One Piece games out there, in the sense that this game was very heavily advertised in different showcases and stuff, so a lot of people who aren't One Piece fans checked this game out, which all makes it really unfortunate for me because this game is not great...

Honestly the more I think about it the worse it gets.
The game had potential, it borrows quite a bit from the Unlimited Cruise series which I like a lot, in that you can switch between different crew mates and control all of them, traverse different environments, and level your characters up to get more abilities and stuff.

However, this game feels very poorly made in comparison. Everything from the janky animations and visuals to the complete lack of rewarding exploration (the game downright discourages you from exploring), to how easy the game actually is, and the fact that switching between the characters doesn't serve much purpose, is just really bad...

The only thing the game does decently is the combat and even then it feels like there is a massive lack of polish in it.

I really wish I could like this game because I really wanted to, but just because I'm a fan of the series doesn't mean I will just enjoy anything that has the One Piece name on it.