A great game with it's share of flaws. The combat was amazing until I "figured it out" and it became predictable and samey. Would love a DLC!

Games like this (I imagine) never leave the cutting room floor.
To pitch this game in any other context than having Kojima's name attached to this (I imagine) would be impossible.
But whatever I imagined came to life anyways, and it's a masterpiece.

I was compelled to finish it out of pure spite for the ring collecting minigame. I don't think visual novels should be inherently difficult by any stretch, and the ring collecting was frustrating to say the least. In a different context it'd be fine, but that's not what I was going into the game expecting. That being said, I finished it, and I enjoyed the visual novel part of the game!

The only thing I can say that hasn't been said is that I played this game in 2019, and didn't finish it until 2023. It rocks.
The difficulty curve was interesting and off-putting at times, and what I found myself doing (in retrospect) is putting the game down right before I would have gotten over the hump and continued to enjoy it.
In spite of that, potentially a top-10 gaming experience of all time! And you probably already know why.

This is my first VIDEO game, and I was blown away by it. The work that must have gone into creating 3 movies, chopping up the scenes and connecting all 3 via match-cuts is just an unfathomable task. The way that all this [almost] seamlessly flows together is amazing. I did have a little trouble navigating the game on an iPad, but what I got out of it was incredibly thought-provoking and still has me thinking about it.

I initially gave this 5 stars fresh off my first playthrough, but it does have its hiccups as far as storytelling (it is overall STELLAR) and polishing of the crafting/upgrading systems is concerned. Aside from that, it is probably the greatest love letter to the retro JRPG genre I have ever played, with so many nods to classics and scenarios that just give you the feeling like you're 11 years old playing PS1 again. I find that feeling very hard to capture, but Chained Echoes does it in stride.

Certainly a weird one in 2022, even with the remaster from a few years ago. There's a ton to critique and appreciate about this, but viewing it as a growing experience and a figuring out of what the series was going to become makes up for many of its misgivings. Music and style are unmatched, though.

Let me be clear: The (small) amount I played blew me away.
It did take a few tries to "get it", and I did end up dropping it at a point. The game is just not for me at this time, as far as difficulty is concerned. But I can appreciate what this is doing and cherish the time I spent with it. I also understand fully all the praise it received and is an absolute steal at its price.

A foundational JRPG experience, which somehow has still retained all its charm in 2022 to me. My only complaint is I needed a guide for much of the game due to my lack of wanting to trial-and-error my way out of progressing the story. I think I enjoyed it more after having played DQXI, and will likely enjoy whichever instalment I choose to play next more because of this experience.

A truly important game in JRPG history. Not only does this game subvert many of the stereotypes of fantasy in its design, but the story stays impactful even though its influences are readily apparent. But I think it’s because it pulls from less represented sources in meaningful ways (the design of Zanarkand comes to mind). The combat is great, and though at times difficult, act as puzzles for you to solve. I’m also glad this game was as linear as it was.

Nothing really stuck out to me about this game! And that’s okay

A well-done tactics game with approachable depth for those who want to get into the genre. It’s very story heavy and paced poorly to start, but once you get into the loop of battling, upgrading, and learning more about the story it’s a fantastic experience. Lots of replay value as well with branching paths throughout the game.

Fun and charming game, just a bit too much RNG to 'optimize' your team. Good introduction to a game like TFT or Underlords.

Perfect for iOS which I was able to play on. Gives some cool strategy involving dice rolls and different powers. I didn’t feel impelled to finish it but I enjoyed it enough to write about it!


This game is a beautiful moving PC wallpaper in the guise of a clever little game. Enjoyed its brevity and figuring out the little puzzles. Definitely worth a play.