wheatie Impersonations

the voices in wheatie's head that sometimes break out involuntarily and i'm stuck in them for the next like 30 minutes

stolen from vslazer and also reyn i suppose

It's the Mario!!

god i fucking love Lou Albano's Mario voice.
quite literally everybody in this game

if i had to pick one, definitely Toad's voice. I miss N64 era Toad.
fem announcer ily

also i had no idea until just now as i'm making this note that the male announcer is Joshua fucking Tomar ????

Marvel Comics...

i've also now got the way the announcer says "Vergil!" forever implanted into my mind out of fear
i lub fighting game announcers
fun fact, if you can do a Joe Swanson impression, chances are you can also do a pretty good Plankton impression.
tough decision between Neco Arc's "esports" or this


28 days ago

Good thing you're stuck with Sonic's "Whoo! Feeling good!" Instead of the Werehog death scream.

28 days ago

@electrode --- no, he's definitely still in there. i just find myself Feelin' Good more often than internally screaming

28 days ago

look at all those eggman's robots
woahhhh my head's spinning

28 days ago

"I'll take it from here!"

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