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Starting with guy who isn't really youtuber anymore. This is one of my favourite videos from his old channel.
Noah Caldwell-Gervais
The best youtube video game essay man and it isn't even close. He folds in analysis of books and movies and bonds mechanics with narrative to give a really comprehensive interpretation of the medium. I could watch (or listen to as podcast) his videos over and over. What an eloquent young man. I wish him well. His Red Dead video is my favourite video on youtube.
but it only works if you've played RDR2. If you haven't, I recommend going through his channel and picking a series or game that interests you (not his first video on Fallout, it's rough). Also don't miss out on his travelogues, starting with The Desert Bus. They're incredible and give such an interesting and vivid view of America.
Accursed Farms
Mold man descends into madness via Granny-related media.
Super Best Friends Play
Rest in peace SBFP, the sadness consumed ye and ye were pecked at by gulls til yer innards were flown across the briny deep. Special channel for me because they introduced me to so many of my favourites: Metal Gear, Dark Souls, PlatinumGames, RedLetterMedia, AVGN, anime beyond Ghibli that I still won't watch, and way more. I owe so much of my sense of humour to these four weird Canadian guys. This playthrough might be my favourite of theirs, everyone is on top form comedidicially, their chemistry is zipping off like some kind of zip mechanism, and you can feel the sadness take seed and grow within them as the game keeps going and keeps getting inexplicably worse.
Angry Video Game Man
AVGN Episodes 1 to 100 or so are undefeated, I could watch them forever. Ghostbusters is one of his best.
Nick Robinson
The guy knows how to make weird funny obsessive video game documentaries that go further than you'd think and further than you'd want. Here's a video where he tries to help Luigi with his gingivitis.
Previously Recorded
Rest in peace PreRec, the only place in the world where you could hear Richard Evans, the one true representation of God on this damned earth, talk about video games for a minute. I still come back to this video every once in a while, it's that nice mix of disdain and bewilderment at terribleness that you love to see.
Happy state of between life and death to Retsupurae, I have no idea if it still exists but they both seem to be doing thangs. Two funny guys talk over bad let's plays and sometimes talk over good walkthrough, in a funny manner. One of the great comedicical youtube duos in my honest opinonation. Here's a playlist of some of my favourite.
For me, it's The definitive video game horror-type video series. It's hauntingly authentic, and bound to be imitated for years and years by people who don't really understand what makes it so great. Don't watch any analysis videos, just this.
Game Grumps (Jon year only)
Another channel (or era of one) that influenced my sense of humour immensely and I was surprised when I went back to it that I still found it funny. At their best, it's wacked out positively positive absurdist comedy stylings from a guy who's practically bounding off the ceiling and another who's permanently grounded. Possibly my favourite comendy duo on youtube, especially when Jon brings Arin up to the ceiling, not so much when Arin drags Jon back to the ground (sexually or otherwise).
Here's a playlist with full series compiled into one video.
Some series I particularly recommend:
Kirby Super Star
Mega Man 7
Goof Troop
Wild Guns
Sonic 06
Zombies Ate My Neighbours
Any Mario Party but particularly when they play 8
Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 but they didn't finish 2 and got kinda mad that it was hard
Bro Team Pill
Ok he went pretty off the rails. So much so that this video is reuploaded because his original account was taken down. But he still has some insanely funny videos from back in the day (2016). One of the funniest things on youtube imo
Corruptions, shitty romhacks, bootlegs, maximum comfort. I'll never not laugh at his DKC corruptions.
This man has exposed me to more of Super Mario 64 than anyone was meant to know. Eldritch horrors of game design have revealed themselves to me. Watch for Rolling Rocks is the classic,
but I also recommend going through his second channel for weirder more specific stuff. Here's a video on blinking.
I could have started watching these guys like a year earlier but their channel description made me think they were some high concept bullshit. Past me is stupid. stupider. Meg 6 4 have so many classic videos and skits and they also sneaked around with Hideo Kojima once.
Kinda grown out of every video game assayer except Noah Gervais, but Matthewmatsis gets my vote of fifth best (Noah taking up places 1 to 4). He'll have some great mechanical observations, but has some odd undercooked opinions on the narrative or peripheral side of things. I like this video on God of War a lot, it's an incredible look at how, even in a 'good' triple A game (single player, mostly linear, no microtransactions), the cancerous mechanics of AAA game design are still creeping in, often for no reason at all. I recommend even if you haven't played God War.
I like this guy's Weird Maps series. They're an understated curated tour through strange Gmod, TF2, other Source maps. I wish he'd make a couple more.
Essential viewing if you're a junkie for obscure Half Life mechanical information, if you're on the streets begging people to know about the AI controlling the roaches and houndeyes, just one more hit of newly discovered easter eggs, please, i'll suck your


I still visit the PreRec video on The Order every now and again. “IT’S GAAAAARBAAAAAGE. IT’S CRAAAAAAP.”
By far my two favourites are Skillup and Videogamedunkey.
Skillup because he’s thorough, always communicates what a game is and whether or not it’ll appeal to you even if he doesn’t like it. His Fallout 76 review is incredibly cathartic, and his reviews on Monster Hunter World and Rise are accurate to my thoughts in a way that few video game essays are.
Dunkey because he’s unpredictable, you never know if you’re going to get a thoughtful essay or a shitpost. Watch any of his game of the year videos, or his dunkviews, or his essays on game critics or difficulty, then watch Donkey Kong December or “two funny birds have a sword fight with their beaks ROFL.”

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i miss prerec a bunch ;_; i often wonder what rich would think about newer games like elden ring. like, i could just ask jack on twitter and probably get a reply, but rich is off the grid. he's a mysterious man.
i haven't seen enough of skill up to have an opinion, but i generally like dunkey a lot. i go between liking serious dunkey and funny dunkey more, i really like his review of the shining in particular

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