Lessons to learn from this game:
- Build cities around traffic, not traffic around cities
- Roundabouts are fucking great
- half an hour can pass really quickly when you're having fun building streets in London and stressing over orange blocking the streets for red

I was planning to play through the game 2 more times, once with the Dark Urge Origin and once going the "evil"/absolutist route
But then I saw how much stuff Larian is already announcing to add and idk I am just so fucking tired. Yeah I felt like the ending was a bit lackluster and it's cool that Karlach will be able to get a better ending and all but like.
I would just like to be able to buy a finished game. And then play the game at launch with the knowledge that I'm not missing out on anything by not waiting 5 years until every single patch has dropped. It's so strange to me that there was this huge discussion when this game came out about setting new standards because you can just buy a complete game for 60€ when the game demonstrably wasn't complete.
Of course I like it when things get better over time but I don't have enough time to replay every single game each time it gets a patch so I'd just appreciate it if a game releasing meant it is now as good as it gets. Especially a title that spent 3 years in early access.

This game is really weird.
The story is super strangely paced and the dialogue often feels Lynchian. And occasionally there are the strange minigames. It's very weird but honestly really enjoyable.
The combat is less enjoyable, mixing a cover shooter where the enemies are damage spongy and your ammo runs out immediatly with a hack and slash game and it doesn't really work. Also the game is way too hard, even on easy mode, but that difficulty mostly comes from atrition which as I said before is not something I like.

This game is far from perfect, the middle to end part of the game wasn't very interesting, there are too many interesting characters that you barely interact with and the worldbuilding is in some ways pretty bad, there's some frankly weird gender stuff going on with who can or can't become a witch and describing the home planet of the only major black character as more primitive was certainly a choice that could have been entirely avoided.
But when this game works, it works really well. I was hooked for most of it (except during the aforementioned middle to end part) and especially the final chapter had me glued to the game like very few other games have managed.
It really made me feel like an incredibly powerful witch, a level of power fantasy I have never felt in any other game.
The game never really explains how its core mechanic works and I think that is a brilliant move to make the magic feel more magical. And i intend to keep that mystery up by not replaying the game, at least not for a while, even though there are so many possibilities I wish to explore.
I'd even go so far as to say that it's one of those games that managed to broaden my horizon of what a game can be.

I finished my first playthrough, I will write a proper review once I finish one or two more playthroughs because there are a few things I want to test out first but here's a quick summary of my thoughts on the game.
The game is overall fine, nothing groundbreaking but reasonable solid for the most part. The weak point is the combat as 5e combat is incredibly shit and despite Larian's best efforts they could only barely improve it.
The final boss is one of the worst experiences I've ever had playing a videogame.

I serve 200 customers their orders perfectly but for the 201st customer I forget to put the pickles on their chicken sandwich. Cleaver calls me a piece of shit worthless excuse for a chef.
The game is really fun but I feel like the balancing of the various foods is a bit off. Any holding station food that requires extra prep to be served feels like it adds so much more effort than the ones who don't but might be marked as a higher tier. This also means that some of the levels that basically force you to use these foods (such as the burger levels) are wayyyyy harder than the rest of the levels.

This game is pretty great and I love love exploring all of these strange dreams.
What I don't love is that there is a very clear goal behind this exploration. I'd love to just walk around and get lost in these bizzare worlds but instead I am constantly just thinking "Where can I get the effects" and then when I don't find them I get frustrated.

This game puts you in pretty much the most horrifying position I can imagine; being unable to interact with the world.
For its relatively short runtime (took me 30 minutes), the game deals with a lot of interesting issues. While it doesn't end up having anything groundbreaking, I think the overall premise as well as the writing are worth checking out

We were all love Blaseball.
Today's announcement of Blaseball's death really stings. Yeah, a lot of us, including me, kinda saw it coming. Yeah, it probably should have ended with the end of the expansion era.
Regardless, Blaseball was really special, a once in a lifetime thing, and I will forever treasure the connections I made through the game. And now it's just all done, forever.

Like Sayonara Wild Hearts but without the themes, lesbians, and bangers
The game is really fun! But sadly it's also a bit too long for its own good. The music starts getting repetetive and the gameplay gets stale, which is honestly impressive considering how incredibly fun the gameplay is at first.
But if you enjoyed the first couple of levels I think it's worth getting through the slog that is the middle levels (minus the bosses, the bosses are always fun) because the last level gets really fun again and the last boss is very very cool.
Another issue with the gamelength is that I really have absolutely no interest in chasing high scores when the levels and checkpoints within the levels are this long

The only two things I remember about this game are that I was somehow able to convince my friend that Rock Raiders were real for like a month or so and also that it stopped running on my PC when we upgraded to Windows 7

Why do I have to form a new party after each expedition? What's the point if I can'te ven get attached to the little guys as they experience the horror? I have never seen a sequel screw up on such a fundamental level, to me this is equivalent to if they made a portal sequel that was just the puzzles without Glados

If you're anyhting like me, then "Soulslike set during the french revolution where you play as an android" sounds like the coolest game imaginable. Such a shame that the combat system and enemy variety didn't end up being engaging enough for me to play this to the end.

This review contains spoilers

This game is a mess.
The combat is unfun.
The progession system is bad, you can just get Firaga or a similar materia super early and then win basically any fight with just that.
The DMW is mostly just very confusing and makes your success in combat very dependant on RNG.
The missions are all the same and they (almost) all suck and there are sooooo many of them and the rewards don't feel rewarding because it just means more inventory management/materia fusing. The ones with Yuffie are pretty good though.
The story is all over the place. It clearly suffers from trying to be a prequel to VII and its own thing at the same time.
I honestly couldn't tell you what Genesis' motivation was by the end of the game (I think he was just being a theatre kid) because the game kept swapping between "Prequel stuff" and "Genesis stuff" so it couldn't really focus on him anymore. And then there can't even be a real ending for his story because it has to fit in DoC somehow.
Also the game introduces Cissnei (unless you've seen her already in Before Crisis, which you haven't) as a pretty prominent Turk and her not being in VII raised all the death flags for me but then she doesn't die so like, what the fuck happened with her?
But the few good parts, especially the ending, are really great.
The ending might actually be my favourite moment in a Final Fantasy game I've played so far. Fighting this overwhelming number of Shinra troops while somber music plays and the DMW slowly falls apart managed to really make me feel like I was playing a dying man. And then there's that moment where Aerith resists being erased from the DMW the first time!
There are some other minor good moments too that I'm not going to list here but at the end, they're not enough to make me say that this is a "good" game.
However, the ending is so good that I'm not going to give the game a rating, instead of the 3-4/10 it probably deserves.

Fun to play with friends. Fun to watch and play on Twitch. Probably fun to stream too idk.
The writing is good though I wish the events were a bit more diverse and had more RNG to them, knowing an event is often a massive advantage.