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I was thinking about half way through this that it might be better than the first game. All the varied and interesting environments, a story that was more engaging for me personally, and some horror that was somehow stronger than the first game (that nursery section omg). After this though, the game just started dropping off at times, a lot of it was due to the sheer amount of bullshit enemies they throw at you. You'll be focused on 2-3 enemies in front of you, which would be enough, but they decide to spawn one in behind you as well just to make things even worse. It was never an enjoyable surprise or anything, just purely annoying. It was really thrilling to see the regenerator type enemy return as well, but of course they screw that up too by just constantly throwing it back at you in the final chapter. Honestly, it just made me roll my eyes when it kept reappearing. The final boss was also incredibly easy, but the spectacle was very cool.
I was hoping to go for the platinum on this, but there's no way I'm enduring the higher difficulties with how frustrating the enemies can be.

Played from – to: (2023-09-21 – 2023-09-22) – PC keyboard.
‣ 10/10 – With this Resident Evil 4 becomes the perfect remake.
‣ Thoughts: More than 7 hours of Ada in your face for just 10$? Yes please. This DLC is amazing and fills in the cut content of the main game. Laser hallways? U3 boss fight? The lift sequence? You get it all. Now of course an argument could still be made if it is as good as the original, but I’m done comparing it to the original. My one complaint is that some sequences are truly simplified and that’s fine since we got this DLC so quick. I had a lot of fun playing through a sped-up version of the main story as Ada and kicking more Los Illuminados ass. Throughout the entire DLC I got to hear way more of Ada’s voice acting and I won’t lie I grew to like it. Yes, it sounds odd, comparing it to Resident Evil 2, but it started to feel right the more cutscenes I watched. On top of that we get more of Wesker, and he’s cool as shit. You don’t get a lot of him but just enough to have a taste of what he might be like in a potential Resident Evil 5 remake. With all that said, Separate Ways is a fantastic addition to the main game and just for 10$ I’d say this is a steal. The whole experience is in every way better than the entire Resident Evil 3 remake and that is a full priced game. Obviously, lots of things are reused and repeated, but considering the story context of the DLC and the time it took to deliver us this after the main launch I’d say this is as perfect as a short DLC can get.

Should've been in the main game and not payed dlc, but apart from that this was the excellent cherry on top of the excellent remake

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"complete local saturation" "caught myself a big one" - Man, the writers knew what they were doing here.
Infinitely better than the OG Separate Ways, this reminds me why I love RE4 Remake as a whole while adding some nifty new ideas and areas. Those who were sad about the laser hallway and other areas being cut from the main game will be VERY happy with this.
As a longtime series fan my absolute favourite part of the DLC was the remixed music from the original RE4 and also RE2. It sounded amazing and is honestly better than the main game's music.
Lily Gao is still not great but I kinda got used to her in the end. Her performance definitely doesn't "ruin the game" like some dipshits seem to think.
For £7.99 this is well-worth it. Highly recommend!

I expected to hate the combat and love the story but the opposite happened.
The story is trying really hard to be smart about the really dumb shit that has been made fun of in the past like rebooted universes and shitty characters like Nitara (before you argue, she was shitty you are just horny go jerk off). Witty jokes and actual explanations for stupid things like timelines just clutter the mind with useless information that does nothing for me. The only real fun happens in the whole game is when STUPID ASS SHIT happens. That Armageddon sequence at the end? It's the stupidest fucking thing. A GIANT cop out for a real ending to a boring ass story -- and it is the best shit I've seen in a Mortal Kombat game maybe ever.
I might keep playing it idk I'm really having fun with Johnny. Maybe the DLC will go full stupid. Havik is a stupid awful character so maybe the content might go in a fun direction.

not being able to cancel any attack with a parry or roll kills the game for me not gonna lie. Anytime you attack or heal you are 100% committed to the animation

Yeah I gotta drop this shit I'm getting filtered too hard. I honestly hate parry gameplay because I don't wanna learn that shit! I want a damn greatshield and I want to 100% block everything. I still think the game is good (for the most part), it feels pretty damn good and I wish I never had to fight a elite enemy or boss ever! Elites and Bosses just have super fucking annoying moves always.
I'm just gonna start with some compliments cause this game does a lot of cool things! The weapon system is pretty fun. I didn't like the moveset of the starting greatsword too much (too much thrusting), but I found a police club with a moveset I liked (have a chargable overhead), but attack range was too small. I put the long greatsword blade on the handle and boom, it ruled. I do wish you could swap scaling on handles without needing unique materials (just use souls like elden ring), cause that means I don't get to experiment really. I liked the vibes and enviroments, wish i got to see more!
The smelter boss I think is actually just loaded with the most annoying moves imaginable. Both him and the electric boss set ground traps and like, I dont want that shit! Elite enemies are too spongy, might as well be bosses with less moves. The ganksquads in this game way more annoying than any other game i've experienced, and they don't have the buffer of me thinking Miyazaki is being a mischievous jokester. Stagger system needs a indicator/bar or something.
Side Note: I think games should start adding an option to increase the your parry window. I felt like I kept fucking up parries by like frames, so I think I would get the same enjoyment as anyone if I was allowed to make the window a little bigger for accessibility.
Side Note 2: While playing I thought about what if a parry based game just put up a Guitar Hero fret board when an animation started, and when the note reached the circle, thats when the attack would hit you (whether you are near the attack or not). I would probably fuck with parrying there because dev's love obfuscating attack animations to troll timing.
ADDENDUM: I also am getting sick of the item scarcity? item management? Whatever it is that keeps me from using consumable items. I think everything should just be recharged at bonfires. Get like a couple throwable items that get recharged. Things that remove debuffs get recharged. Also the souls system they took from Hollow Knight thats tied to the weapon arts is fucking annoying because that also doesn't recharge at bonfires, you have to grind them back up slowly. It makes me not want to use them during boss fights because what if I die, then i have to fucking GRIND them. Dark Souls 3 Cinder mod/Sekiro easy mod just like opened my eye to how much fun a souls-like could be if it was way more lax on the item/mana limitations; you have a fun movekit, i wanna use it!

A really solid game. Very addicting and enjoyable, but definitely not without issues imo. I haven´t finished the game yet, but I think I am only a few bosses away.
The setting and art direction of the game is definitely my style and easy to immerse yourself in. The sound design is solid too. The story is okay (so far), nothing special.
The gameplay is where this game shines for me, but it does suffer from a few clunky mechanics. You have to unlock certain upgrades to make the dodge function properly, you can´t cancel your attack animation or dodges by inputting another action, the perfect parry window feels very narrow sometimes - all of this and more small things can make it feel frustrating when you are fighting a particularly difficult elite or boss. With that said, the combat is quite satisfying overall.
The weapon customization is great, but I wish it was easier to get hold of more upgrade stones so you can truly try out a bigger variety of weapons that are actually upgraded. When you unlock new items in the shop you only unlock a very small amount of them, and I wish there was more or even an infinite amount of some items - consumables especially.
I don´t like when games sell early release as a deluxe edition. I did buy it this time because I wanted to spend my weekend playing the game and not have start in the middle of the week. It´s a minor thing, but I would prefer if games didn´t do this.
The game had very few bugs and glitches at launch, which seems to be rare these days so that´s great.
Weapon durability has never been something I´m a fan of, but it´s not too annoying in this game imo.
Edit: I have completed the game now, and yeah it's amazing. Still there are some fights that are made artificially difficult by delayed attacks and no time to breathe, which is just annoying.

You are Spider-Man! The game truly makes you feel what it's like to be Spider-Man, and it does so masterfully. The city's setting, the friendly neighborhood vibe, the Arkham Series-style combat mechanics, web-swinging through the city, the various suits, the captivating story, Spider's gadgets, charismatic characters, stunning graphics, memorable villains, unique collectibles, everything is perfect in this game

The one Silent Hill that gets shrugged off as dated and uninteresting, which I couldn't disagree more.
The weakest of the main 4 games plotwise (even still, features a more than decent story compared to modern horror games like Amnesia: Rebirth or Alan Wake), but who established most of what makes Silent Hill the best horror franchise in gaming: The dream-like nature, woven with the echoes of Alessa's psyche reverberating through the world; the esoteric symbolism around emotions and trauma; and the relentless suffocating atmosphere of the Otherworld, and its alien nature. All these elements, combined with the game's remarkable art design, graphics and an unforgettable soundtrack (that somehow only improves with each subsequent installment), solidify Silent Hill as a timeless classic.
On a more specific note, I love the piano and zodiac puzzle so much. I remember as a little kid playing this game at a friend's house and never figuring out the solution to the first, even though we tried like the whole day. Well, this time around I spent like 20 minutes alone trying to make sense of the second, and when I figured the solution it only made me feel dumber for not realizing how simple it was, goddammit. As a positive, now I know a little bit about astrology... lol.
★★★½ – Great ✅
KOBE! (That's a dog head)