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If you are recovering my body, fuck you

Get a little bit nostalgic talking about this game because it was me and my friend's favorite for a long time. I am probably the biggest Titanfall nerd there is, and would much rather have TF3 than this but it continues the extremely underrated and in depth world of Titanfall. Gunplay is amazing, movement feels fine for being a boots on the ground game, lore is decent, wish they would stop focusing on like 12 characters and broaden the world-building a bit more like Titanfall did. Overall a pretty fun and decent game

Everyone forgets that this game was the start of the hell that is micro-transactions and marketplaces.

It is also very hard to get into for newer players. Technically it’s not, because anyone could learn how to play a class and what all of their items do, but if you weren’t there pre-jungle inferno, you will never be “one of them”

Valve is another western company that leaves their masterpieces in the dark to focus on the mediocre esports games.

This game is really good when you don’t have somebody in your ear telling you that it’s shit

Also Paarthurnax is the best dragon in fiction

Walking sim but lore

Another classic Kojima W

Pretty good game. Better than any Star Wars media that Disney has put out recently. God, I just wish that it was actually realistic to Star Wars... Why can a storm trooper tank like 5 lightsaber slashes in a row? That shit should just cut straight through and one shot every enemy in this game.

I want to like this game but the roster is so shit

Campaign is ass. What a way to ruin the best COD campaign series to date with some weird magic nanotechnology Marvel type stuff. Multiplayer was okay, people say it was really good because that was all we had so we played it. The zombies mode was the star and basically the only reason this game gets a 4. Some amazing maps like Shadows of Evil, Der Eisendrache, and of course the zombies chronicles maps. Very very enjoyable experience, shame you can't really play it on PC without getting hacked

People give this game shit because its Blizzard's obvious attempt at making an ultra-competitive knock-off of TF2 but I won't lie, it hurts to see it fail. Sure, Team Fortress 2 is a better and more original game, but Overwatch was a pretty fun game at the start. Less liberty and freedom to play a class how you want in exchange for a more streamlined and team-oriented game. Ultimately, this game failed due to insane balancing decisions and horrible grindy aspects. People literally created a ball catching minigame because they were sick of playing the god awful multiplayer

The Walking Dead tries to do one thing and one thing only; tell an incredible story. And it succeeds at that, the end!

For real, this game has one of the most amazing and beautifully written stories in not just all of gaming, but across all of media as a whole, I genuinely believe that. Nothing in any video game has made me cry as much as this game. It does not have Sekiro level gameplay, but it has just enough to tell a heart-wrenching and gruesome narrative and I love it to death for that.

Top tier story game. No revolutionary or particularly good gameplay, but amazing settings, characters, and plot. Gives pretty much my entire generation super nostalgia. Telltale did it better

Maturing is realizing most mobile games including this one suck ass

Really, really good fighting game. Definitely my favorite Street Fighter that I have played. I would give it a five, but I have never been a real big Street Fighter guy in the first place, preferring Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Guilty Gear for their... more diverse rosters. Street Fighter has always been the average gold standard for fighting games, being the most popular and easiest for newcomers. Great game overall

Need to go back and platinum the game as well as give the new Valhalla DLC a try. As my own gaming tastes start to settle in and I can set aside the snobby elitists who scream "MOVIE GAME1111!!! TRASH MOVIE GAME WITH BORING STORY!!", I grow to appreciate God of War Ragnarok for what it is. Combat is an improvement over 2018, adding a whole new weapon (Now it's 2!), moves, and armor pieces. Transmog is awesome because I can enjoy making Kratos and Atreus looking exactly how I want them to look. Santa Monica Studios are just them. Every single update they have done, like the NG+, DLC, and even just balance patches have been super awesome. Great game and rating will likely go up when I go back and replay it. Also, this new sort of "Naughty Dog" Direction that Santa Monica is going with is really working. Still has the arcadey addictiveness of old GoW games while adding such a new depth of story that the old games some what lacked. Old Kratos>>>

I don't understand the 3.7 stars and really negative opinions on this game? It is a beautiful tribute to gaming as a whole, having so many weapons from other games and media. Almost all of the character's past have a super interesting callout to retro games, the Pilot having a Galaga style boss fight, the Bullet with Zelda, even the Rat's fight is a tasteful reference to Punch Out. Great gameplay, endless content, great music, overall a really good and above average roguelike. I'm convinved most negative reviews are from game journalists who did not make it past layer 2 or trolls