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If the first game is the insane drug trip, then the second is the hangover. This game makes you realize the consequences of your actions, and will guilt trip you even more than the first game. The gameplay stays more or less the same. Jumping around time can be confusing for new players, but putting it all together makes for an extremely disturbing and wild story. The finale especially is crazy. This game shows the alternate paths if one takes the path of violence, via character arcs. Some characters find redemption in the darkness, while others succumb and are ultimately destroyed by it. The soundtrack is fantastic as always. This one is a lot harder than the first game, but it's worth playing through.

Great music, great combat, great bosses.
Unfortunately between those there's some frustrating enemies, annoying level segments, and a bad camera.
Would rate it 4 stars except falling through the floor, getting stuck, and having to restart all of Chapter XV after reaching the very end really soured my feelings towards the game.

peak fiction, i have never played a game that specifically appealed to me as a person more
the fast paced gameplay focused around movement and timing is fantastic, the character designs are great, the dialogue ranges from slightly uncomfortable to actually pretty good, the entire soundtrack is full of bangers, and for once I actually want to try competing against others' times in something.
Neon White will be a game I recommend to everyone, even though I know most people will probably end up being put off by some aspect of it - the few people who don't will hopefully agree with me that this is a fucking indie masterpiece.

As the last game in the NES trilogy, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse goes back to the original gameplay formula that made the first Castlevania work, and it's bigger and more replayable with multiple paths to take. For this review, I'll be going over the North American version and the Japanese version, which have some differences that are worth pointing out later in the review
You play as Trevor Belmont, another vampire killer from the Belmont clan that is an ancestor to Christopher and Simon. The story takes place in 1476, Dracula has been wreaking havoc all across Europe with his army of monsters, and the Belmont clan, who was once exiled from Wallachia, are called upon, and so begins Trevor's journey to defeat Dracula
As I said earlier, the game goes back to its original gameplay roots from the first game, with it being linear, Trevor having access to his whip that can be upgraded two times, and his supply of sub-weapons. One of the big new things to come out of Castlevania III is the multiple routes you can choose. Upon clearing certain levels, the player is given a choice. You can take the upper path or the lower path, and each way you take has its own set of stages and encounters
Then comes Castlevania III's main gimmick, the partner system. Along the way, you'll defeat certain bosses and meet a few companions depending on your route, and each one has a bone to pick with Dracula. First, there's Grant Danasty, a thief who can move fast, climb up walls and ceilings, and control his jumps in mid-air. He also has a dagger as his signature weapon. Still, He is pitiful in range, at least in the North American version, because the Japanese version allows Grant to throw the daggers making him more effective in combat. He can also use the same sub-weapons as Trevor. Next, there's Sypha Belnades, a priestess who uses magical powers of the elements, but like Grant, she also has a miserably short range with physical attacks. And lastly, we have Adrian Tepes, aka Alucard. He has the magical ball ability like Dracula from the first Castlevania game that can be upgraded twice. He can also transform into a bat that consumes hearts but helps escape annoying and tricky places. You can switch characters by pressing the Select button, but you can't take everyone along as it's only one companion along your side
I say the worst enemy in Castlevania III is not Medusa Heads or hunchbacks; it's the stairs. The stairs can mess up your movement and attack if you approach right near them, and there are a lot of stairs in this game. It's one of the most aggravating things I've experienced in my playthrough, and I haven't even gotten to the more bullshit parts
Now, I talk mainly about the regional differences between the two versions, with a few major ones. One is the soundtrack. The North American version has your typical 8-bit sound of music, but the Japanese version uses Konami's VCR6 SoundFont to make the soundtrack have a little more oomph to it. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either, and there are songs that I prefer on either version
The last big difference I want to talk about is the difficulty. In North America, it was made even harder compared to the more forgiving Japanese version. Enemies dish out more damage than you can imagine, they're everywhere, and checkpoints are scarce in this game. The first half is a lot of fun, but in the last few levels, get ready for an exercise in frustration. I tried to beat it without save states, and I did, but Block 9-4 pissed me off so much that I had to use them. It's not just that area either; the final level can also be a pain in the ass to get through. Dracula has three phases, and there is a day-to-night difference between the North American and Japanese versions, mainly because the Japanese Dracula fight is more straightforward and fair compared to the North American fight. Also, when you die in the Dracula fight in the North American version, unlike the Japanese version where it sends you back outside the castle keep, it starts you back at the level's second section instead. When you get a game over, you have to start all the way back to the beginning of the level all over again! After a bunch of save states and about 150-200 deaths later, I beat Castlevania III
There are four endings you can obtain, and for my two playthroughs, I got the ending with Sypha in the North American version and with Alucard in the Japanese version. This is where the replay value comes into play if you want to see the rest of the endings, but two is enough for me since I can see the rest of the endings on YouTube
Overall, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is a solid game in the series, but it has a few significant issues that hold it back from being great in my book. If you are curious, you can try the Japanese version featured in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, available on all platforms and is my preferred version if I want to replay it again. If you're going to play the NA version, I highly recommend you use the code "HELP ME." Using this code will give you ten lives, and believe me, this will be helpful. Also, if you haven't already, I recommend checking out the Netflix show since the show is based on this game (excluding Grant)

Let's just get this out of the way. Hello Neighbor is not a good game. I've been watching videos online about how this game is terrible, and I've wanted to try it out myself, and my God, they were right
First off, the story is a convoluted mess leaving us more questions than answers, which is probably why they always want MatPat to dissect everything Hello Neighbor has to offer, like every other indie horror game. Since there is no voice acting when you get caught by the neighbor a certain amount of times, there is a playable story scene looking at the neighbor's past and why he is acting suspicious. When playing through these playable scenes, it fails to tell me anything besides making us feel bad for the neighbor, which doesn't intrigue me in the slightest
The gameplay and story are split into 4 acts, and each act after the first gets worse once you put a little more time into the game and see all the game's flaws. Act 1 starts with a standard house with ok puzzles trying to find the key to open the door. Then the second act comes, and you have to escape the neighbor's house, and you'll notice the upgrades to the place, which is bigger and worse, especially the later puzzles that have some baffling solutions, to the point where it doesn't feel like a house anymore. And due to the house being more extensive, the neighbor will have a hard time catching you with those upgrades he has made to his place, which makes the stealth in this stealth horror game feel like a joke
I haven't even mentioned the game's physics yet, but it is also terrible. Something as simple as stacking cardboard boxes is frustrating because it feels like a game of luck trying to stack them to reach a platform part of the roof. Not to mention you'll have a moment where colliding with objects can launch you way up in the air because screw real-life physics am I right?
In Act 3, you will encounter a few minigames when you reach a specific area of the house, and clearing each of these will give you a particular ability that will be used for the final act, and playing through these minigames is the worst to come out of this game. My least favorite out of all of these is the cart minigame, where you have to pick five items and place them into your cart, which is another challenge; you can't tell which items are correct because there is no list, so it's all trial and error. There are these mannequins that kill you for some reason, and your only options to avoid them are by running or your invisibility by ducking, which doesn't even work most of the time. And you are forced to do these minigames, which makes all of them not fun to play. When I got to the final act, I just wanted to be done with the game, and I'm glad I did while being rewarded with a terrible ending. Also, the presentation and the character designs, in my opinion, look hideous. And it can't be a terrible game without bugs and glitches. I didn’t get softlocked, which would've made me have to restart the level, but I guess I was lucky because I was playing the PC version of the game, and I heard the console versions were worse
If you're looking for a good stealth horror game, I suggest looking elsewhere. I've wasted 6 hours playing this game, which feels way too much for a game like this, and the same can be said with its price of $30. I never played the early Alpha versions, but they look much better than the full release. Now there's a sequel coming out soon, so we'll have to see if it's an improvement over the original, but for the time being, my advice is don't buy the game unless you like torturing yourself by playing terrible games. It is easily the worst game I've played this year, and I don't see a reason to return to it anytime soon

Toree 3D is the most surprising game to come out in 2021 and I played this a year later. Anyway Toree 3D is a simple 3D platformer with 9 levels, has decent music, and the visuals have a nice retro vibe to it with some spooky elements into it surprisingly. The game is easily replayable since it only takes about less than an hour to beat, and it is easily worth $0.99. I probably wouldn't dare trying to get S ranks at the moment, but maybe in the future I will attempt it. Certainly is a better 3D platformer compared to the dumpster fire of 2021 that is Balan Wonderworld that's for sure

Just finished the 3DS port since my SO gave it to me for my birthday and they said this one had more content but bad graphics. This game is fantastic nonetheless. Very solid story, memorable cast and gameplay. I do wish that they'd make a definitive version of this game with the QoL and extras of this 3DS version with the other versions of the game (PS2 and mobile) and maybe use the DQ11 style for it? But as of now this is probably the best version if you're looking for extra content. If you just want story and nothing else, you can probably go with PS2. Great game tho.

I've never written a review on here but 343 screwed up so bad I had to rate this half a star (deserves 0 stars, though). This is one of the worst games I've ever played. This series is dead and I don't think anything can save it.

I've wanted to finish this for quite some time now, and I'm glad I did. A Hat in Time is an excellent 3D platformer that oozes charm and personality with its vast cast of enjoyable characters in each scenario of each specific world, making each level more enjoyable and memorable with solid platforming. Hat Kid feels so good to control and has a variety of hats, powerups, and badges to use, which are fun to use and mess around with when defeating enemies or finding secrets. Also, the music in this game is excellent, and the voice acting, in my opinion, is solid
A Hat in Time takes elements from previous 3D platformers in the past that we love and tweaks and modernizes them, making it distinct from other 3D platformers. It is easily one of my favorite indie games of all time and is easily in my Top 10 when it comes to 3D platformers. A Hat in Time is an easy recommendation for those who love the genre of platformer/collectathon games, and I'm looking forward to checking out the DLC and what Gears for Breakfast will create next in the future

I've only played this for like 30 minutes, but I think I've seen what Nintendo Badge Arcade has to offer. Nintendo Badge Arcade is a claw game where you can get a few free plays every time you come back to the game, but you're mostly going to spend real money if you want to get some of the goodies to decorate your 3DS.
I say the best thing about this game is you can use those badges to decorate your 3DS and you can get free themes when you're rewarded for increasing your badge collection. It's cool that you can do this, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use these on my 3DS, maybe a few icons, but that's it. It doesn't help that this free-to-start game is going to be useless due to the 3DS eShop shutting down in 2023. At least I got to experience it if that counts