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Any season that makes competitive players rage is two thumbs up from me

the best part of this game was seeing the "we are the yakuza 4" gif

i spent 7 hours shittaly remaking bob-omb battle field for the bit please send help

oh heres the level btw lmao: https://levelsharesquare.com/levels/664c0645aa12cca0d9be203b

THIS is how you remake a game. Not that doggy ass washed up $210 three part cash grab worse than the original in all the important ways by Square Enix (FF7R)

-_- I done playing fan games , can't trust Fan game creators man

An average platformer that's fun. I like how weird it is, and that's the only positive I can give it. Controls feel weirdly slippery

This was the most mid 39 minutes of my life.

Game is awesome when its not going according to the script

dragon quest is by far my favorite series of all time, and even then i only hope i can one day love dragon quest as much as dragon quest 11 loves dragon quest. it hears everyone out there who ignorantly derides this series for every "this is too basic" criticism you could think of and simply says "even if you were right, who cares?", because dragon quest 11 is a game that adores the structure and stories of the games before while simultaneously knowing there's so much more that can and will be done with that structure going forward.
i'm really glad that i played all of the other 10 mainline games before 11, because it really does feel like a victory lap with all the little nods to the other games you notice along the way. i hope very deeply and sincerely that one day that this beautiful celebration of this momentous series's storied past will be looked upon as another step in its long history.

Groundbreaking for its time, but it hasn't aged very well.