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Imagine you're on your death bed and the light is starting to fade, then suddenly from the void you hear, "HERO TIME" and then you have the strength to play a life-saving minigame

who tf wrote the description for this game lmao

"homeslice just went bananacakes all of a sudden" this game was actually written by redditors

Klonoa on the wii
that free fish taco would be
everything to me

i think if oprah played this game she would collapse on the floor and start having spasms

I fucking hate U.S. imperialism

I wonder what will the Wii Sports be for my generation. No, not in the sense of a launch title that is more tech demo than fully realized game. Moreso what entertainment device is going to be plastered over every assisted living home in ~50 years?

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banger. five stars. love the weather changes, love the music, love the models, love the fucked up unbearable physics. just learn to have some fackin fun mate

Pretty sure this is my favorite Castlevania now. You play as a buff guy from Texas and he has the Bionic Commando grapple swing. Just what the series was missing.