i could write essays on this game. i’ll just say that this game, while flawed, is still absolutely wonderful. they made me care about akechi so much because they overhauled his confidant, to the point where he’s just hands down one of my favorite characters in media. play this, go in blind if you can, and join me in my crying corner.

dimitri please insert your boobies into my mouth immediately

my dad (a corporate lawyer who does a lot of serious business) hired someone once because she was one of the best tetris 99 players in the world (in addition to the rest of her resume)

i wish i could erase my memory so i could experience this game for the first time again. if i could give it six stars, i would. also i am going to give every korok a little kiss on their heads.

my girlfriend got me a grub plushie for my birthday, and i’m going to pick it back up just so i can help the little guys.

i cannot get past the first batch of bosses, but this game is still incredible. every time i play it at home, my dad comes wandering in to watch, because “this is incredible, it looks like a real cartoon. how did they manage this?”

three stars for haru screentime, sophia, and ryuji getting to say fuck. this game would be immeasurably better if akechi was in it, so i’m just gonna go play royal again.

unfortunately, my girlfriend got me hooked on this one. i am now down a significant amount of money and up one fun couple’s activity, so i’ll consider it a w.

hatty time!! my beloved! i’ve played through this game like three times and it’s still so charming

put toko and koromaru in a better game right this second

fuck me this game is boring. i’m a sucker for anything cute, but cute can only get you so far.

hey why did the final boss of this kirby game kick my metaphorical balls back into my stomach

i played this in my living room while my brothers watched. my youngest brother loved seeing me throw the pigs into the ocean, and my middle brother thought it was hilarious to sing “wrecking ball” by miley cyrus every time i grappled or swung from anything. good times with a charming game :)

can’t review this one fairly because i was playing it while my grandma was dying. i enjoyed the zora swimming and had to give up while i was on the moon bc of the goron section. the rest is all kind of mushed together by grief, which could’ve enhanced the experience if i was anything but inconsolable. i plan to come back to this now that i’m in a healthier place with my grief.