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Se lever tout les jours à 6h et prendre le bus pour aller au travail. Le rêve de tout gamer

Meilleur jeu d’horreur on a pas fait mieux depuis

Je ferai un mauvais détective, j’ai enfermer que des innocents

Un classique, légendaire, l'excellence.
en d'autre termes juste un de mes jeux FPS préféré et dieux sait que je suis pas fan du genre, mais ce jeu, je suis plus que fan.

What I initially suspected of being just some YouTube funny moment clip farming game turned out to be an actually really fun and sometimes pretty scary game. The proximity voice chat is a big reason for why this game works so well, and makes it a whole lot more dangerous and spooky to go anywhere without a pal by your side. Walkie-talkies become essential (and extremely fun) if you want to get the most out of your time in the buildings, as your ship leaves automatically at midnight.
In the ship there's a terminal you can use with which you can buy equipment and decorations, set the course of your ship and read bestiary entries of creatures you have scanned. Additionally, during missions you can watch other players and their surroundings, adding a different way to assist your crew by being "the guy in the chair." You can help them locate items, assist in finding the exits and spot monsters in the halls for them. You can even open/close doors and deactivate turrets remotely. It's the only game where my friends have gotten into fights about who gets to stay at the ship and look at the monitor because it's actually very fun.
Buying tools for you and your crew, and in turn preserving them, is a very satisfying gameplay loop so far. Depending on how well you do within the deadline you'll have more or less leeway with how much equipment you can get away with purchasing. There's already a lot of different tools to use with varying amounts of usefulness, and I'm hoping to see the selection expand as the game continues to get supported, along with monsters and planets and the like of course.
One thing I would love to see expanded on is the interiors. Right now there are two types of interiors, being a sterile facility and a grandiose and detailed mansion. Both of these styles work well in their own ways, although the facility is the one you'll end up seeing a majority of the time, to the point where many players might end up never seeing the mansion. This is because the only reliable way to have the mansion interior is by going to the planets that cost money to travel to, and otherwise has an extremely rare chance to replace the facility interior on other planets. It becomes very repetitive seeing the factory look on most of the planets your travel to. I think adding new interiors or making the mansion a bit more common would serve this game very well as the game gets updated.
There are other things I would like to see touched on, like some enemies being overly oppressive, and other balancing concerning items and such, but I'm optimistic that these things will get addressed in the future. I have high hopes for Lethal Company, and I really hope this game doesn't just fade away into obscurity like these games usually do.

Je retire une demi-étoile juste pour l'histoire qui est incompréhensible.
Jeu parfait à part ça.

L’époque wankil studio, le bledart avec snakou et Nabil

[Ref Played 2020]
In the context of an offline completely legal Pokémon game on a mobile without a switch this game is alright, itʼs enjoyable enough
Given that it's free I gave this game a higher rating than many of the barely any better £50 Switch Games
If you have a switch and any decent Pokémon game on it, despite how painfully bad some of them are don't bother with this, if you can emulate legally do that, if you have an Internet connection other free Pokémon mobile games are better but there are circumstances where this game could be considered technically something I'd recommend to someone just not anybody I know

It's funny how Sonic Super Stars and Frontiers fill me with nothing, but a Game Maker game from ten years ago makes me rock hard. It's Sonic if he was in a Treasure game, hell yeah.

And IDGAF what anyone says that ending was real as fuck.

Konami allez-vous faire enculez !

Well, it's way better than the 3 before it I guess, but it's still just kind of a mindless nothing

Même si très répétitif, je suis juste trop fan de ce système où on prend chaque région d'une zone une par une.

Really surprised it feels a little bit less like shit to play AND the fact that the level design is really good compared to its predecessors but goddamn its still so fucking boring it makes me sad

It seems a bit better than the first GameBoy Castlevania, but it still isn't all that enjoyable.

The software for transferring Pokémon between games on the Switch system sure does function
On a serious note its all it needed to be and works just fine, it's only major flaws are the shoddy online hack checking and the subscription based package

Les mains metal knight sont en prison aujourd’hui

Les streams de mv dessus quelle époque

Tellement soigné, tout est parfait, du sound design au scénario.
Cette boule dans le ventre à l'idée de perdre un de tes camarades auxquelles tu t'es attaché tout au long de l'aventure.
Juste parfait.

Simply Amazing. Never thought I would love a soulslike that wasn't made by Fromsoft. Personally my GOTY with Remnant 2 being a close second to me.

Début un peu lent mais dès que tu débloque des super-pouvoirs le vrai potentiel du jeu se dévoile et quel kiff bordel de merde.
Parcourir la ville à 300 km/h en dégageant tous sur son chemin puis faire un bon de plusieurs dizaines de mètre pour finir le trajet en planant.

At first, I didn't expect much because it seemed like a very cheap production, but Nightmare of Decay was a very successful production in its own right. The game is full of inspirations and references from many Survival/Horror games, especially Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Amnesia, Cry of Fear. The game has simple puzzles and some okay boss battles. Even though the story is a cliche story of escaping from a nightmare, I didn't care much in a game like this. One of the points that surprised me was that such a game took up 100 MB of space, because there are many sounds and places in the game, and assuming that it was 2 hours long, it was a very successful job. If you like the Survival/Horror genre in general, I can recommend this indie production.

très bon open world, pas à la hauteur d'un GTA mais quand même, un classique dans son genre

i really hope this gamemode takes off and fortnite will be foverer known as that battle royale game that got turned into garry's mod (unreal engine version)

[Ref Played 2023] It's no Grimm Eclipse, I'd recommend to any RWBY fan that doesn't dislike Metroidvanias
Pros: Gameplay is solid enough, better than you'd expect from a licensed game though far from perfect. Art style is pretty okay and the voice acting is good, based on the plot of the show this was a pretty good place to insert an extra story
Cons: The music is good enough in the context of this style of games but compared the the normal RWBY OSTs it's really weak. The plot is a lot better than Grimm Eclipse's but not close to the quality of the show/ main books and is largely irrelevant to the larger world

vou droppar por enquanto, após 35h o jogo bugou na questão de regenerar a mana, simplismente a mana não regenerava mais, o que impossibilitou que eu continuasse minha jornada já que eu estava de jogando de mago, daqui alguns dias talvez eu recomeçe a jogar do inicio para zerar o jogo, talvez jogando de arqueiro ou algo assim, mas por enquanto eu irei droppa-lo.
P.S. o bug não tem resolução, eu pesquisei muito sobre isso e não achei nada.