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My homies were fighting over marrying Haley in the game, one thing led to another, crops razed, barns broken, and chickens slaughtered. Needless to say, most of my playtime is solo

The Callisto Protocol
Vaya desinflada de juego. Del principio a la mitad, el juego está de puta madre, a partir de ahí, se vuelve un shooter, bugeado, con niveles de mierda y un boss reciclado e irritante.
No lo suspendo porque me gustaría que hicieran otro bien.

I played this game so much back in the day. I luckily didn't pay any money for it. But this was one my favorite city building games. It sucks that the game was shut down. But I had a fun time with it when it was available. I loved the character design, getting to see your favorite Marvel heroes as teenagers was a neat twist. And leveling them up to slowly unlock their actual suits was a neat concept.
I could see that the devs really cared about the game. And it seemed like a passion project for a lot of people. I also loved the end event. Where you got so much gold and gems that you could practically do anything you want during the last two weeks. Which is something that made me respect the devs even more.

I might come back to this one, but the main reason my interest dropped off is because I kept having to resort to tiresome grinding because the wild Coromon levels curve faster than you level up. It has a built-in fast-forward function but it only speeds up the process so much. Just kinda gives me a newfound appreciation for modern Pokemon's EXP-all, even if it's too far in the other direction.

i remember when i played this on the wii when i was a kid nostalgia

It's a really good game, one of the better Pokemon games as of recent. Just be prepared for a lot of glitches and graphical issues as the visuals aren't the best, but I appreciate it a lot for what it tries to do with its plot and gameplay.

I hate saying this one disappointed me a bit. Maybe it isn't the game's fault because Rouge-likes are hit or miss for me, but I gave it a go anyway because Shovel Knight's one of my favorite games ever, why wouldn't I? Well, it ends up feeling a little tiresome after a while because of how often you're at the mercy of what the games gives you to build with. I can get a good run where I get a lot of Max HP sometimes, and thus have less difficulty surviving, but some runs it just doesn't give me any Max HP upgrades and I end up too fragile to reliably survive the lower parts of the dungeon.
Shovel Knight's hard level design works because fairly generous checkpointing allows you to learn the level design, and dying doesn't hurt so bad. Dying here feels awful because I'm trying to learn the mechanics of the water level's elements, only to get killed and not see the water level again for another half-hour because you start from the very beginning of the game, thus learning the level design becomes a chore. This came to a head when I got to the final level, reached a part that looked like a dead-end, couldn't find out how to progress, and then the drilling machine killed me. What did I do wrong? I'm not gonna find out until I play literally the entire game over again! It wants the Shovel Knight difficulty but still wants the perma-death of a Rogue-like.
Speaking of the drilling machine, I can't help but be shocked you can't turn that off in the options. Pocket Dungeon had such versatile customizable difficulty right down to removing its time limit entirely if you wanted. Why can't I do the same with Dig? The game would certainly kill me a lot less if I was allowed to take my time more.
The procedurally generated level design also rides the fine line of being sort of mish-mash, but also having whole segments that you start easily recognizing more and more. Especially in the first level, Mushroom Mines. Shovel Knight got it so right because every bit of the level design felt intentional and well thought-out, where here it's feeling a little more scattered because segments don't organically lead into one-another as well.
In the end it's still as solid as any Shovel Knight game, but this feels like a notable step down from everything else under the name. At least the pixel-art is gorgeous and the music is a banger, as usual.

Probablemente el mejor Pokémon moderno, se ha coronado a la velocidad de un Ninjask como mi generación favorita junto a la quinta. Si le hubiesen arreglado el desastre técnico que es a veces (al cual te acostumbras, no lo hace injugable ni de lejos) sería un serio candidato a GOTY. Necesaria evolución de la franquicia en todos los aspectos, gana muchísimo en lo narrativo y en lo jugable respecto a cualquiera de sus predecesores y todas sus innovaciones le salen bien.
Cayena mi novia.

The gameplay is not terribly polished, and I'm not a fan of the genre, but the presentation and banger soundtrack easily kept my interest until the end of its short run time.

É melhor que primeiro jogo, mas não deixa de ser ruim. Fui tentar dar uma segunda chance, mas realmente não dá! Os mesmo problemas do primeiro jogo se repetem aqui, só aqui é um pouco mais intuitivo e visualmente bem bonito, tirando isso é a mesma merda.

i can't believe i love this game as much as i do but i do

ranni sex. anyways vote xenoblade 3

No but like this is genuinely one of the games I dislike the most. I'm not the type to play games she dislikes on purpose because I don't have time for that, but this one absolutely blind-sided me with how atrocious it was.
I remember playing and enjoying The Thousand-Year Door a lot, so I was excited about the prospect of a Paper Mario game that returned to its more RPG-lite roots. The first world felt like such an uninspired drudge that I kept playing expecting there to be a rug-pull. Knowing Super Paper Mario, being boring on purpose and then surprising you would very much be on-brand for this series' sense of humor. Except I kept going. And kept going.
Eventually I found the core loop of the game to be tiring, with a battle system that just does not work. Each attack is treated like an item and is permanently used up. An interesting idea, but this falls apart in scenarios where you encounter absolutely HP-sponge bosses and eventually run out of stickers, at which point you just can no longer use your jump attack. At least a Pokemon out of PP of all its moves can use Struggle! Like what gives?! As it turns out, the "Intended" way to fight bosses is to simply use the right "Thing". Every single Thing sticker, however, 100% turns the boss fight into a joke. So either you're slowly whittling a 300 HP boss down by 7 HP per turn, maybe 14 if you got the coins for an extra attack slot. OR, you just take off 80% of the boss's HP by immediately using the Baseball Bat Thing and it leaves the boss in a pitifully easy-to-beat state. It's just pick your poison.
But even if you fight the bosses the "Hard" way, Kersti has the fucking gall to reprimand you for not taking the easy out. Like, just straight up says "Try a little harder next time!" Fuck off, Kersti.
The most dreadful video game experience I've ever had in my life. And the only reason I finished it is because it was the only thing I had to play during the winter after it came out. Awful.

That whisper of the worm quest line was kino

honestly, i'd probably have a better opinion on 3d sonic if they were all more like this. the story is so silly and campy, they take it so seriously and then there's some genuinely really cool moments to compliment that tone, it's awesome. tails/eggman have terrible gameplay but otherwise it's fun to play if a bit inconsistent. shadow probably had my favorite level design, his stages had a much better sense of speed than sonic i felt. i ended up playing with the jp voices because the english performances aren't really my thing, but i have to admit that i love david humphrey's voice for shadow. the final episode is really good, i love the final boss and the ending. not a perfect game by any means, and i'd say it's honestly pretty bad at some points but it's fun enough that i can't even say i cared.

+ Lovable and charming main cast that feels fully realized thanks to the character interactions in both the main story and in side dialogues
+ Job system is incredible, allowing you to fully customize your team strategically and aesthetically
+ Brave and default system makes it easy to wipe out small enemies yet exciting and challenging when facing bosses
+ The plot twist, the betrayal, wow
- At a certain point in the story, it is glaringly repetitive and should have been executed in such a way that the gameplay did not suffer because of it (keeping it spoiler-free)
- Leveling can feel very grind-y, and while some QOL settings help mitigate this, it can still be tiresome
- Equipment feels a bit stale due to the lack of upgradability (gaining new equipment in a new region just to end up selling it to get even stronger equipment in the next); would have loved to see a bit more investment opportunity and viable variety in equipment pieces

It's a neat take on a puzzle game, and can be a fun time-waster here and there. The customizable difficulty is really neat and each character plays so differently that they change the rules completely. Shovel Knight is good for a standard run, but Specter Knight only heals by defeating enemies, while potions will actually damage him. This led me to trying to acquire items to give him as much snowball power as possible where I can get a chain/combo going and mercilessly mow through everything because I've got the item that boosts my attack the higher my combo meter is. It's really satisfying to get a good run here.

I really liked this game. Yeah, the story is very basic and nothing special, but that's ok.
This game lives more from the atmosphere and the puzzles. It sounds always nice and there is enough variety in the puzzles, so it won't get boring. Also they don't explain any of them! You just stand in the room and have to figure out by yourself what to do.
(That's what I always hate while playing other puzzle games: They don't believe in you and tell you after seconds ( or maybe before you can even have a look) what you have to do, to solve the riddle.)

Very solid platforming mechanics and level design, if ever so slightly marred by the somewhat floaty feeling of inertia in your movement. Otherwise, the aesthetic and music are an outstanding pastiche of 32-bit era 3D platformers, and a loving homage to an interesting heyday of the genre that is perhaps now more fondly viewed though the lens of nostalgia.

the game that made me fall in love with the Miata. 2.5/5 might be strict but the game has aged pretty badly and I would recommend most people to skip to Underground 2 instead. the game has a lot of jank that shows itself so much especially later down the road. speaking of which, fuck event 95

Where to start. ....
This game is buggy. Very buggy. How can a game, from a studio like this, from a publisher like this, be so buggy.
Framerate drops everywhere and also the game crashed from time to time.
Maybe they will fix it someday. But the core game doesn't impress me too. You start at a academy, where you could have a school life. But they decide to send you on a journey to do what ever you want to do. But that's not true.
You can choose if you want to become a PokemonChampion OR to beat Team Star OR to find the legendary spices. But after you beat one of those roads, you still have to do the other two.
So there is no this or that. There is only "what first?" . And not even that! If you choose the wrong side of the map, Pokemon are to high levelt and beat everything out of you. So, all in all, there was never a desicion you can make.
While you're exploring the way to get to another point you can find items and pokemon. Special items you're asking? No. Just everything you can buy at a supermarket. With the money you have earned. And you will get MUCH money.
So exploring is not necessary either.
Soundtrack is a coinflip too. It can sound good, but it also can sound very cruel.
What else did I forgot to rage about?
Ah of course. You can have a picknick with your pokemons. Clean them, make a special sandwich to get a better status to catch a special kind of pokemon. But did you need that? No. You just buy 99 Ultraballs and throw the shit out of these pokemonsters.
So yes. All in all it was a big dissapointment. I guess hardcore fans still have fun with this game and try to complete the Pokedex, but I was really bored fast.

Fairly simple and barely challenging. A nice, casual game all the same

almost died laughing with my friends playing this game.
the future of text based AIs is something im really looking forward too.


Divertido, apesar de ser quase a mesma campanha do original, ainda é legal de se jogar por ter uma mecânica meio diferente.