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A very addicting, but repetitive game that I had a lot of fun with. I absolutely loved the charm, graphics, and gameplay. Using the gadgets with the left control stick was very unique and intuitive, even if you lost more control for your camera, and it feels like you will ruin your control stick on the PS4 very easily as you do a lot of rapid movements with it for the gadgets. But it really is a cute and charming platformer.

I feel like it's already been beaten to death about SMT V issue's, but I do wish to say that I'm still not a fan in how nothing ultimately matters in terms of story.

Not a fan of the bad writing, non-challenging gameplay, or how most of the female cast are just assholes.

Straight up one of the most important games to me as a person. I never get over how much love and care went into every part of it.

In my mind the current peak of the 'choose your own path' interactive movie genre'. I was immediately drawn in by a more grounded story, while the amount of different paths for each character is really impressive - sure, there will always be funnel points as that's the reality of limited time/budget but care is taken for these to feel natural and not forced and there are far fewer 'illusion of choice' decisions than you may be used to.

There's been a fair bit of divisiveness on the art style but I thought it really fit, making things feel more like a graphic novel and having time pause while making decisions is far less jarring than in other similar titles.

It's obviously not a perfect game (no such thing exists) - for example, some of the voicework could do with a little more TLC - but I felt like I played through a really good tv show and had a great time doing so.

It was hard to legitimately like this game when the main cast is mostly awful to the point you wish they would go away(Notably Rex) and that there's a in-game gacha mechanic. Also that most of the story is just pointless filler until endgame.

It's very cool to me that this exists, but it's exactly like a hundred late 80s/early 90s arcade beat-em-ups that look great and have nothing else to them. Maybe that was the intention, I dunno. They use the theme from They Call Me Trinity though, can't hate!

Gonna be honest here if you see someone say that MercurySteam killed the Castlevania IP their mostly likely talking out their ass; if anything it's just Konami being Konami

Now as a reboot to the Castlevania IP I think it works pretty well; yeah it's not beat for beat the same story but that's what a reboot is, look at all the different Ninja Turtles reboots you don't see people complaining that they don't stay "respectful to the source material". Besides the OG lore was a convoluted mess at the time so I don't blame them for wanting a fresh start.

The game's biggest strength is its presentation, this game is nearly 12 years old and it still looks incredible with amazing art direction, well-done writing, and a pretty good voice cast with the one standing out the most being Patrick Stewart.

but the actual gameplay is just whatever, it's not awful but around the time when a lot of games tried the "like God of War/DMC but" style of gameplay very few actually we able to stand out, but even then more blatant games like Dantas Inferno or X-Men Origins Wolverine that I've had more fun with then this game. I think my biggest problem with this game and the reason I don't like the combat that much is the fact that this game is nearly 27 hours long.
That is way too much time for any hack and slash game let alone a game with very shallow combat that can't support that length of gameplay. Oh yeah this game also has actual rip-off Shadow of the Colossus boss fights, and they are really really tedious and not fun, granted there are only 3 in the whole game but none of them gave you this powerful feeling of killing a giant as it does in SOTC; here it's just climb up to the top with our janky platforming and break the big glowy thing and that's it.

I still think this is probably the best Castlevania will ever get in 3D which is a damn shame because I feel if done better than this it could be fantastic.

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Não joguei ainda mas nota 10 pois o protagonista eh um CATO.

I broke the meow button by pressing it 12000 times

talvez o melhor da saga, história envolvente e gameplay bala. TOP

I really like 1 and v3 but I really wish I could understand what anybody sees in this game


So I've played a Mouse game and a Cat game last month so figured I would go for the trinity with a dog game. Unfortunately I didn't have one so I figured playing as a Fox was a close alternative. The animations where the Fox "doggy" paddles in water for example? See, totally the same thing.

Speaking of the animations, when the unnamed Fox swims, slides, curls up to sleep or shakes water off are really charming. The visuals generally are quite nice with a good usage of colour, water effects and environments. Mixed with the nice usage of string and piano instruments playing gentle melodies and this is set up for a relaxing time.

Unfortunately that is the only positive I have to say about this because the actual gameplay is agonizingly boring. The areas the Fox travels through are large and expansive but there is nothing of interest to see or do. Exploration involves running through these areas for several minutes before collecting some energy from a flower through a tediously slow animation and finding the stone to power up to open the path. This is repeated for essentially six hours. It's a dull affair. The areas don't need to be that big, the puzzles are slow and repetitive and even the collectables are bizarrely tedious with each needing a two part location to complete of finding a staff and then the skeleton of the shaman to put it next to. The whole game is just kind of rote. It's also a little clunky on top with the Fox sometimes getting caught on scenery or jumping weirdly and the abilities you get are just never interesting.

It's rare I really wish for a game to end as much as I did this one. Chapter 7 was almost the last straw where you almost directionlessly explore a giant forest but I powered through to the ending which was ok but not really worth it.

This title is all style over substance. I don't recommend it.

+ Play as a Fox, some cute animations.
+ Visuals and music are nice.

- Boring, tedious and repetitive. Somehow bland under everything.

INCREDIBLE GAME I NEED TO LIE DOWN NOW THAT FINALE WAS EVERYTHING... i just wish there were more girls but otherwise. GOD!!!!!!! Good game. Great game. Plz play

Could have been better in terms of single player content or online. Otherwise would say it's sorta okay, just not the best Smash game.

every tengo project release is a window into a world in which red hot 2D action games continue to be the realm of experienced cigarette smoking professionals with an actual budget

I found the game to be alright, however I do not like how awful the camera can be at times or the story is a bit barebones.

Wasn't a fan in terms of how the gameplay is now worse, causing trial minigames to drag out more than being fun. Also the writing for V3 was either pretty medicore to outright awful, something akin to ZTD. Not worth to play at all as someone who enjoyed previous titles in the series.

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Literally the most authentic "GeoCities-like" experience transposed into a videogame.

So what do you do in this game? Not the usual "do whatever you want" simulator but a really unique point-and-click adventure where you investigate the internet in order to maintain order. But the internet itself in this game takes place inside our minds. Really.
You are an enforcer, tough, hired by the somewhat friendly Merchantsoft. The game recalls a lot of references from the yet memorable Windows 95-98 era computing but holds a very stylish pixel art mimicking the 1990-2000s aesthetics in a cooler way as you dive deep into a cove of small websites hosted by tons and tons of people around the USA (assuming it's where Hypnospace takes place since Merchantsoft is based on North America).

Gameplay wise, the game starts itself with a very inspired visual guide (with some twists) as you start straight into entering the portal to wacky websites. Among the first you'll visit is the somewhat calm Goodtime Valley, the quirky Teentopia and the very mystical Open Eyed. The whole Hypnospace in the game is where MOST of the plot is driven into and is inspired from the eternally known GeoCities, whose Neighborhoods are Hypnospace's own basis for the 'Zones'. As you explore these quirky sites, you come across people who talk about 'Trennis', people who post images of Gumfish Gooper, a really upbeat kid who likes harassing other kids in Teentopia, a helping assistant, a flying hamster, and so on. And these are only some of the first things you will come across the journey. Wacky isn't it?
Aside from that, being an Enforcer, you have the power of cooperating with Merchantsoft to flag down infringing and suspicious content all over Hypnospace in order to maintain law and order.

BUT, it's NOT always JUST than you expect.

You get to know this game called "Outlaw", which is taken from this game title's second word and is Merchantsoft's own take on their first game made exclusively on the HypnOS. Done in the hands of Dylan Merchant, dark words spur from his employees as you discover the truth behind the company and their sneaky practises against the community's will as you enter into the so-called Freelands. This is where your job as Enforcer kind of drools down into chaos as you eventually figure out that Hypnospace seems destined to become a strictly family friendly device in order to compete against Cyberworldz, a similar computing device as Hypnospace. And so, in the last chapter of the game, you are part of archiving the whole Hypnospace to figure out the last remaining secrets of the whole platform itself.

The amount of quests/cases in this game is kind of enough for the obligatory part, but the lack of an adeguate amount of sidequests is probably necessary due to the fact exploring Hypnospace alone to find other infringing content can be like exploring a unmarked jungle, as later parts of the game is full of hidden shortcuts, so you have to make guesses by searching for keywords.
And when you get to archive the whole Hypnospace, i honestly recommend to get a full list of pages as a guide for when you can't guess properly which missing page leads to. 100%ing pages in this game is kind of easy and when you do it you're expecting a surprise from the creators of the game, but for the achievements it may be quite of a little chore to do (few achievements have obviously something to do with certain side quests, such as that particular one which ends with someone taking a submarine to go at a sea trip.)

This game is a big trip for 1990-2000s web nostalgics due to the fact GeoCities back then had some strange and funny stuff back then. As of now, Jay Tholen is working on a first person shooter spin-off based on ZaneRocks_14 inspired from 90s PC shooters akin to Quake, while there is a successor of Hypnospace known as Dreamsettler, in development under Unity engine. If you are not satisfied enough, there's a official mod support used through 3rd party means, which allows you to add more pages in Hypnospace, alongside more little programs and stuff. However, the amount of mods available aren't as many and currently there is no such awesome mod such as a different story, but keeping in mind most mods are pretty used during the game playthrough and NOT for extending the game for more replayability.

Well then, this review quite took a bit long here because i sure darn loved it. Can't wait for Dreamsettler to come out in the next year.

The best of the 2 DLCS for this game, this one is much more puzzle forced than it is combat which I'm more or less ok with but I'm very stupid so I spent a stupidly long time with a lot of these puzzles. Still these 2 DLCs are really important to the later game's story so idk why they were made into DLC let alone 2 since they're like an hour long each.

Um dos melhores vilões de todos os tempos fml confia

Muito bom pq consertaram tudo que me incomodava no 3. Nota 10 confia fml

um dos melhores jogos da atualidade, uma obra de arte.

se esse jogo nao é o melhor de todos os tempos eu sou uma máquina extrusora de alumínio

eu tenho um certo medo desse jogo, porém é simplesmente o melhor jogo de todos.

You had such a good idea in mind with this "true finally" and you fucked it up.
The 2 levels in this DLC are both really bad; they're full of really janky platforming and super cheap moments that are made worse with the jank claiming, and then you have the actual boss with The Forgotten One.

Now when I think of this super powerful ancient hellish beast that couldn't be killed but was locked away by the 3 most powerful humans known to man. I expect a fucking badass character design to go along with it, but instead, we got stuck with just some big generic armed man who looks like a lamer version of Steppenwolf from the Joss Whedon cut of Justice League. Oh and the actual fight with him yeah it blows too.

I have a great idea, let's make a boss fight where the you can't properly block any of the bosses ground attacks, make the boss hit like a track; to the point where he can take like 15 percent of your health from one of its basic attacks, then let's make it where you have to use aerials attacks about 25% into the fight in a game that has no air dodge, air blocks, and no way to cancel out of you're aerials combo without getting hit with his AOE attack if you get close in which you need to do because your whip doesn't reach that far in the air.