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No, see, this is special to me.
After playing butterfly soup, I immediately sent it to all three of my younger siblings. Later that month when I came home from college, all three of them casually came out to me in the same night. Did this game turn us gay? Yes, and we're still looking for the cure.
I was in college, unhealthily offline, and had zero language around gender sexuality identity or whatever when I played this. Looking back, this was THE catalyzing piece of art to give me the license, but more importantly, the joy to come out. Same deal for my partner - this shit was spreading gay like peanut butter on toast.
It's a love story so effortlessly funny that it quietly earns its earnestness moment after moment. I still recommend it to any friend of mine needing a pick me up. It's a feel-good story! Pretty freakin rare quality in visual novels, and even games in general that are considered "impactful."
Idk man, it was also like the first visual novel I played and its music kinda sounds like the interlude music from Blonde? Brianna didn't have to go so hard but damn. Can't wait to play 2.

You can tell that this game takes a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda. It's obvious. Main character in a green tunic. And it's fun that way, puzzles that aren't totally obvious, a fully defined overworld, bosses. The puzzle element of this game is fun, as is trying to figure out the story and what to do. The combat is miserable, however - even with the reduced combat difficulty option the combat is brutal and you die very easily. This difficulty holds the game back, but not so much that it's not worth playing (there is even an option for invincibility if combat is not for you). Worth checking out, in my opinion.

Cute game with adorable and entertaining characters, lacking a lot of gameplay. Stray practically plays the game for you, but expects you to know where to go for certain collectables (which would not be an issue if they were not able to be missed), which are barely worth the bother since all they provide is minimal amounts of lore (the unskippable ones will give you all you need to know) and a shiny new vest which is taken from you just as you start to wear it. Yes, you can wear this vest on a replay, but the only reason to replay the game is to get the I am Speed achievement. Stray is a good story game, but it could use more game.

The definition of how to properly make a sequel. This builds upon the idea of the first game perfectly. Plus the story is actually really deep for what is considered to be a kids game

Not quite as good as Sly 2, but still very solid. The dialogue is fun, and it’s still a great third installment.

This review contains spoilers

- graphics slay severely, they really put so much effort into those rain / water effects and it shows... i would use them for everything too after that it looks saur good... generally textures lighting etc all looks superb. wish women were allowed to have some skin texture though lmao, finally we get a milf other than yayoi and shes still barely wrinkled
- new fight mechanics are great! parries, mortal reversal, the entirety of snake style with scaring enemies and EX surrender, disarming foes, sky dancer... a lot of new additions that make everything feel more reactive and engaging. and they removed the mortal wounds system which was just an annoyance and not particularly interesting, and instead added the whole agony thing which still hinders you if you dont evade mortal attacks / makes guns feel dangerous but without irking you too much
- some boss fights have fun gimmicks Even if i ate shit the first time on that one fight in chapter 8 or so but i beat him the second time okay!!!! i almost got him the first time i just got too confident and didnt heal!!
- idc about tone clash i loved school stories those r my fawking kids... WELL i havent finished them yet but still i had fun!! looks like i have many more kids to adopt and minigames to look forward to so yay
- you can befriend cats and give them names. GOTY
- you can also walk a dog if thats your style. GOTY
- i honestly. was quite disappointed and unhappy with the story for most of it And i still think its quite mid but from chapter 10 onwards it really picks up and most of my complaints were solved so yay! new characters were given much needed depth, old characters got more involved and showed more of their skills, overall my impression was mostly positive
- the boss fights go crazy omg, the dynamic intros and fight cinematography with the cutscenes just improved tremendously, especially the final two boss fights like i was holding onto my wig with all my might... LOVE the locations too, they suit the characters so well, and the osts SLAP. really i think the ending is incredible, really fun to fight through, i had a blast playing it
- also this made me wonder if my copy of judgment was bugged somehow because hard actually feels a little challenging this time while i was beating folks bloody in judgment without even trying much. though you still get kinda way overpowered in endgame so the final boss fights still felt short to me. but idc it was very fun! i think my series-favorite final boss still is y3 but im admittedly very biased. but this came close especially thanks to the #cinema of the fight choreography. ah when will i get yakuza 3 kiwami . Wait this is a lost judgment review
bad... a lot of it hence the rating not being too good despite the pluses:
- dlc stuff is weird... at least on PC everything except kaito files is already included but its weird that girlfriend side cases werent part of main game theres just. one girlfriend without dlcs. and also i kept misclicking on the "download kaito files noewwww" button in the phone menu so that pissed me off. Im not paying so much money for a dlc unless kaito gives me the slopaga fuck you
- the one downside of graphics is that dialogue sprites appear with super pixelated hair. i got used to it p much immediately but it does look bad todd
- i experienced a number of issues i didnt really have with any other RGG games, namely stuttering during chases, enemies teleporting which made using crane style very unsatisfying, blocks sometimes work in mysterious ways like judgment was more responsive with leg blocks and such meanwhile these guys just stand with arms up and are immune to everything... This probs isnt a bug but a feature. but it sucked. what is this? blockuza 3? [canned laughter]. the game also froze a few times if i tried to take screenshots during battles but to its credit it never crashed at least </3
- skill bloat is disgusting. half of these should have been just one unlockable skill or available by default. why is unlocking movement and attacking for sky dancer separate skills? why are there SO MANY health skills??? literally no reason to have like 16 different health skills. half of this shit needs to be culled. also i still hate skill books and didnt bother getting any of them except those that u get through stories and a few from squirrels that i spotted. im lazy <3
- whoever made the QTE in chapter 10 needs to be shot. in general i think for accessibility purposes they should allow disabling QTEs entirely lol. at the very least just make them one button press again instead of stick movement puzzles. or make time limit longer and allow retries within time limit instead of just auto-fail. garbage
- they toned down lockpicking and i think removed thumb tack entirely which is... okay i dont really care but in their stead they got far longer and far more boring systems of parkour and stealth which are super limited and linear, serve no purpose, and suck. i wish this was like la noire so i could just fail a few times and skip instead of pretending that i find throwing a scripted coin and taking ppl down the same way everytime fun. you cant use parkour anywhere outside of story moments so that makes it worthless to me too lol. the mechanics actually arent too bad but like whats the point if you cant just use it for fun while roaming
- for that matter, substories this time are garbage too. half of them are the same substory where you have to use the new detector tool all the time. i cant think of anything more repetitive and boring. and it makes an infernal noise. i think gameplay mechanics need to serve the story instead of "story" being built around "pls use our new tool we programmed pretty pls" lol
- God and even the detector substories aside then theres the fucking kappa hunting like . WHO thought this was interesting? the fucking russian ninja cosplay girl was just so gross and unfunny too. i think most effort went into school stories instead judging by the # of substories, especially in kamurocho, and the general vibe of these substories. they feel so low quality... Not that judgment was any better tbh but at least there were like 4 cases i liked vs NONE here
- speaking of job request substories, WHY CANT YOU JUST ACCEPT THEM FROM THE PHONE MENU????? i guess the game has no way to check if you are alone or not but its still just so dumb my god
bad continued with heavy story spoilers:
- yagamis cutscene incompetence in this game is incredible. my poor boy sugiura getting the jump on by a bunch of civvies who have like 5% of a health bar when you get to fight them too. whoever on the development team thought that completing a fight and having the protags lose anyway, or completing a chase and having yagami get slapped once and it puts him out of commission, was Fun and makes the opponents seem strong is. dumb af. especially when i think it would have been easy to turn it into a fun fission mailed kind of sequences? we could have done a little trolling...
- i think the story of the game just suffers severely from having to follow a format similar to og judgment. the case within a case and cases intertwining worked in judgment because they were all in some way related to yagami. he had emotional investment in most of them, and it was fun to see pieces connect and unravel and give everyone involved closure. other characters also had direct involvement, like kaito and higashi w the matsugane or sugi and his whole deal. but lost judgment DOESNT have that emotional level. AND YOU KNOW HOW THEY DECIDE TO ADD IT. OF COURSE THEY DECIDE TO FRIDGE ANOTHER WOMAN!!!!!!!!! oh my fucking god i was speechless when it happened. and it just continues. she has no agenda because you know she DIED so yagami just keeps being her mouthpiece for what she wanted or justice for her or whatever and this being his sole reason for continue getting invoved is just so cheap. it sucks. i think they stuck the ending and generally like i mention in good, it improves from chapter 10 but goddamn getting there is like pulling teeth. and the ending is still funny bc its just yagami and kuwana speaking on behalf of women who arent there like KSDFKJSDFJ AKDJKASJDKA god not like i expect better from rgg but i do wish they would just hit japan with no women virus and only write male characters to spare me the misery
- it also sucks that yokohama 99 just feels like an excuse for yagami to go to ijincho. yagamis friends dont really have a life outside of yagami. at least they start pulling their weight after chapter 10 but its just sad to see how badly RGG continues to manage big casts. this is only the SECOND GAME and they already cant do it! this is a very worrisome precedent for like a dragon 8 that will have to deal w both kiryu saga and ichiban saga casts. poor higashi is still stuck managing his flop arcade and outright saying he is basically jobless and has nothing but time like its just miserable
- i enjoyed kuwana eventually and i think soma and akutsu became more interesting post-chapter 10 but prior to those reveals that contextualize their behavior and goals, they just dont have a lot to go on... and a lot of scenes with them feel like a retread of judgment. except hamura's unflinching violence worked and was interesting bc it was a juxtaposition to the old-timey but inefficient matsugane, and again, yagami higashi etc have a level of emotional involvement. soma at first just appears like a little freak which... is okay but... isnt much to go on? like i just didnt give a fuck about this guy kjksjdfs despite his design being very much my taste
- i also think its very goofy how these games continue having these "laws can be changed for better" etc themes while showing how rotten justice / police structure is at the core like itsj ust so funny hsdhfsdhf Not that i expect this to be a critique of prison complex or anything they had their chance with yakuza 4 and ignored it but its just sooo funny
okay this is really long i just have so many mixed feelings about this game i really wanted to LOVE it but. it just falls a bit short of what i hoped it would be. still had fun though so yay

A grand adventure with epic combat, sights, and stories. An expansive galaxy with a lot of replayability. Collect and grow plants, discover lore tidbits about the planets and characters, face new animals, enemies, and faunas, and more. Smartly equipped with a skill tree and combat arena, Fallen Order has a little something for everyone. Even just exploring gives you gameplay rewards, like lightsaber upgrades, extra health stims, and more. That said, some characters feel a little one-sided and go largely unexplored.

In my opinion, Sun & Moon are the worst Pokémon games.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re still fun games, I just don’t think they live up to the standards of Pokémon.
I thought the story was interesting, and the new approach to ‘gym leaders’ was cool! It just got boring and somewhat repetitive.

This is one of the best Pokémon games in my opinion. I have no clue why this gets hate.
It’s a remake of the original with new features, Mega Evolutions (the best thing ever made), you can physically fly around the map above the clouds, and you can catch a LOT of legendary Pokémon in the post-game. I absolutely loved this game, and would recommend it to anyone.

Kinda good graphics , woman referees , woman clubs...
but e football better change my mind

Weird fighting game for sure, it's not a bad thing but you'll definitely be completely lost when trying it out.
It really feel rough around the edges with a huge lack of normal moves and combo, the movement feel great nonetheless with all the dashing around and I wish we got something like this in the Arcana Heart series.
I'll also add that if you decide somehow to really tryhard this game with a friend or some people, the game CAN work really nicely and it feels like watching a dance between two players, both throwing and dodging projectiles. You can definitely see that the devs had an precise idea when making this game.
The story mode is probably the worst I've ever played from any fighting game, it ditches its fighting games mechanics and just go back to its roots and you get an ennemy that has infinite super with lot of invulnerability frames and 90% of the stage is lava, all of them do chip damage and some are unblockable. I kind of understand the concept but it's just poorly done and it doesn't feel good at all.
Apart from that, as always from touhou the art and overall atmosphere from the game is great and so is the soundtrack.

Undeniably my favorite Pokémon game.
It took Pokémon Gold, which was already an amazing sequel, and made it better.
You get a WHOLE OTHER REGION in the post-game, something we have yet to see in any other game (maybe Scarlet/Violet DLC?).
Plus the story is the best in my opinion. Not even just the main story, but all the little things like the legendary dog trio.
Sure, it was a little on the harder side for a Pokémon game, but if my 6 year old self could beat this game I don’t want to hear any complaints from others.
10/10, perfect Pokémon game.

Solid game! Really enjoyable, really fun.
Not much to say that hasn’t been said.
Only problem is why would I replay this when Platinum exists?

A good game that takes a few-too-many elements from the blue speedster, to the point where it serves as a replacement for Sonic fans after beating Sonic Mania.

What’s there to say that hasn’t been said?
This game is a masterpiece.
I personally like Heartgold better, but logically this might be a better game.
If you haven’t played this before, wtf are you waiting on? Play it.

Arguably doesn't get enough love for how its open world gameplay and faction-based enemy/ally AI laid the ground work for future games to come. So many interesting options to take that offered a lot of replayability. I poured many hours into this in high school, and it was such a joy to just dick around across the map. All the fun of going on sprees in GTA games, BUT YOU COULD ALSO DESTROY BUILDINGS. And once I found the code to unlock Indiana Jones, I turned into a little anarchistic archeologist.

Stealth game where almost everyone (including you) has 1hp. Very charming game. One of my childhood favorites

Story was really lacking in my opinion, but I still like this one because of the gameplay

Sega nailed a license with Tecmo to produce original Ninja Gaiden games for Master System, Game Gear and Genesis - tho in an odd twist, the 1992 Genesis game is the only one that got scrapped before the finish line. I played a leaked beta with friends on stream, and given its similarities to the soon-releasing Streets of Rage 2, it's not hard to see why it was abandoned: It obviously falls short of both the mechanics and content featured by the latter.
The art production is strong and the music is excellent, but the combat is just a simple 3-hit combo game as is. The level aesthetics take a lot of cues from SoR1's urban nightlife and Revenge of Shinobi's globetrotting, even down to some platformer sections mixed in. There's very weird glitches and unfinished bits all around - the level 2 boss softlocks the game if you knock it off the ledge, the jump kick doesn't work, only diagonal movement is working (presumably bc they weren't done implementing checks for the dodgeroll mechanic), some cutscenes re-use unfitting or poorly-chopped graphics, and the final boss dies in 2 hits. It's finished enough to get a 'full' idea of what the final work would've done, but still obviously a B-tier production. They obviously shouldn't have crunched it out to meet a pre-SoR2 launch, but if it released after, its simplicity would've made it look dated by comparison. I wonder if it would've been more ideal to just port the arcade game instead: I assume it's bad, but at least they'd have a quick, finished product with up-to-par sprite art.

Se queda en un aprobado raspado en comparación con sus predecesores.

This adorable game starts very strong with a decent premise, interesting-at-first characters, and cute but fun management sim. You progress for a while, and at some point the game blurs over into trying to be both a management sim and a story rich game, but kind of failing to be both as the two components of the game stop being intertwined. The end of the game also has lots of bloat, where you're just waiting for time to pass so you can check guests in and out, when there's nothing else to do. Also shout out to the worst cooking minigame I've ever played in my life.
Despite me ragging on this game though, I can't really rate it lower than "eh". There is an absolute gem of an idea somewhere in here, it just gets lost along the way. If you were to stop playing the story part of the game once Barbara asks you for 50000G, and not grind out all the buildings to maximum completion, you're probably better off for it. I'm hoping that the game does update, because I wish I'd seen more from what I played.

Whoever made This shi needs to be checked up on

Although fun in it's humour and characters, the style of gameplay is truly not for me. Collecting all 100 Golden Spatulas (and in turn the 80 Lost Socks) feels like a chore that rarely provides much reward. The "Secret Ending", although cute, doesn't offer much of a reward to anyone but the die-hardest of Squarepants' fans. As a final note, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Gary, and Plankton are all unplayable despite being heavily featured in the story. Squidward especially is even present with the main three (Spongebob, Sandy, and Patrick) at the final battle. The game is not afraid of changing things from the original game, opting to add a multiplayer mode where the previously mentioned unplayables are playable (with the exception of Plankton, who is replaced by Robo-Plankton.) Perhaps a better 100% award would be to unlock these characters with a few more modes or levels (boss rush maybe?)

At least it’s fun.
Not sure why they would remake a game that has a definitive version, and leave the features of the definitive version out.
I don’t mind the art style, It has the look of the original game.
Adding fairy-type completely breaks the game, though. This game was not meant to have fairy-type. RIP Cynthia’s Garchomp