more like kusogreat

when the game sucks but in a cool way


17 days ago

what does kursogreat mean?

17 days ago

like kusoge but great

11 days ago

how can something be bad but also good unless you're enjoying it for reasons completely unintended

i can see that applying to something like drake of the 99 dragons because of how wonky it is but where tf does that leave something like monster party - when the appeal is obviously intentionally in the art

11 days ago

lets just say we all need a game who can "suck" "great" if yknow what im damn saying

10 days ago


1) I sort of tried to get at this with my Nastar review, but its not just "oh its so bad its good". That can be a thing, but what I'm also sort of getting at is a more genuine, unironic enjoyment that is in direct parallel with something, rather than against it. It has almost nothing to do with intention, because this irony has to do with the level of cooperation you have towards the work. When I play a game like Toricky, for example, or a movie like Galaxy Invader or whatever, there is a part of me that recognizes its obvious failings and is unhappy, and yes, there is a part of me that draws ironic joy from it, but there's also a genuine joy, one that revels in its failings not as merely failings but as wholly recognized expressions. This can create novel, surprising, funny, or even genuinely engaging work, and that can be enjoyable. "Quality", whatever we even mean by this, is not directly correlated to enjoyment in any measure; they're independent.

2) you're overthinking it. its games that suck but good
i think this is the only list with this theme thats actually games that suck in a cool way

10 days ago

Games that suck except they actually fucking suck

9 days ago


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